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Automated aquarium water management

Have you ever wondered how to build a system that changes the water in your fish aquarium automatically and maintains the water level, freeing you from the hassle and mess associated with changing water? Besides describing the working principles and various ways to control the system, this article outlines the how-to and my experience in constructing such a fully automated system using Arduino and 3D printed as well as off-the-shelf parts.

Improved Fine Grain Auger for Fish Feeder

The EHEIM Twin automatic fish feeder is a wonderful auger/screw based feeder that ensures consistency. However the augers that came with the feeder do not work well with smaller pallet sizes. 0.5mm micro pallet causes the augers to jam. This article outlines a custom designed auger that is capable of delivering extremely small quantity of micro-size pallet and even grounded pallet, at a consistent and reliable rate.

Layered Menu for Arduino with Rotary Encoder

A simple number-based layered menu system for Arduino with digital rotary encoder.