After waiting for 2 weeks, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has arrived from China. Immediately the product gives off a Apple-like feel: a clean and simple design in white.

Unlike the Roomba 900 Series and Dyson Eye 360 which cost over $1000, this Xiaomi Robot vacuum costs only about $350. But just like the much more pricey Roomba and Dyson, this baby is fully capable of mapping out your floor and navigate it efficiently.


There are actually two different versions of the Xiaomi robot vacuum. What I purchased here is the original version, Xiaomi also has a newer version with updated hardware and software.

There are several things to consider between the two versions. The original version was designed to cater mostly the Chinese buyers in China. While it works just fine outside of China, I had to set the server to China in the accompanying Xiaomi Home app; when I set it to North America, it would not connect.

The Version 2 of this vacuum is a bit more expensive (about $50 more), but it was designed to work in all Xiaomi servers around the world. As a result, it has better english support.

I won't provide a detailed review of the vacuum here, because you can find a number of them on Youtube. There are several videos comparing the Xiaomi version 1 and 2 vacuums, as well as comparing them against the much more expensive Dyson and Roomba vacuums.

I did however encounter an issue with the Xiaomi robot vacuum, I have a furniture that is just low enough for the vacuum to fit through underneath, but not always! and it gets stuck under it sometimes.


The Xiaomi vacuum does detect this obstacle, and it is supposed to make decision based on how low the obstacle is. But sometimes it still tries to fit through underneath. Sometimes it works its way through, sometimes it gives up and asks me to get it out of there.

The solution I came up with involved 5 minutes of designing and about 50 minutes of 3D printing. At the bottom of the legs of the table, there are these small screwed-on plastic pods. I designed a simple plastic piece to fit on there and boost the height of the table by 1 cm.

and no more vacuum stuck under this table.