As part of a new aquarium that we are setting up in the platform next to the stairs in centre of our house, I decided to build an external filter instead of buying one.

Here is a video of it in action on a 2-week old aquarium.

Here is a list of parts and tools used:

Optional items:

The hose fits onto the pump a bit loose, and I will be using some proper hose clamps instead of the zip ties. The 1/2" bulkhead barb fits the hose very tightly, I had to dip the end of the hose in boiling-hot water to be able to slip them on.

When I was tightening the bottom bulkhead adapter onto the glass jar, I put too much force on the wrench and actually cracked the glass. Not sure if you can see in the images above but I used clear silicon over the crack to temporarily prevent it from leaking. I think I will have to buy another jar and be more careful next time.